NESA Interim Accreditation Playlist

32.5 hours of NESA Interim Accredited PD

Complete the below courses before the 4th of February 2022 under NESA’s interim arrangements to contribute to your accredited PD hours. 

Creating Differentiated Classrooms

Quality differentiation is no easy task. Every classroom is filled with students that possess a huge range of abilities across all areas of learning. Learn a range of strategies to ensure the needs of all students are catered for every day, in every lesson.

Literacy Activities on the Interactive Whiteboard

Bring your literacy lessons to life with this course presented by Susan Burke. Susab explains activities, lesson strategies and concepts that will have you getting more out to the IWB than ever before.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is suitable for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Once you master the tools, you will be able to create activities yourself for relief teaching days, or it will give you the skills to know how to take over when the regular teacher is absent.

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Encourage student engagement with Seesaw! Learn fom Nikki Tester from the RTA on how to use and implement this free tool in the classroom and use it to create lessons for days when you are called in for relief teaching.

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Smartphones & Tablets in the Classroom Part 1

Karina Barley discusses how to transform your smartphone and / or tablet into a valuable learning tool. You will improve your confidence with mobile technology.

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Smartphones & Tablets in the Classroom Part 2

In this course; presented by Karina Barley you will learn about the best apps, technological tools software that can be integrated into the classroom using a smartphone or tablet.

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Yrs 7-8 Literacy Strategies & Activities

Presented by Anna Bennett learn how to create and source excellent Literacy resources, teach engaging Literacy based lessons with minimal preparation and how to build Literacy into various aspects of your teaching.

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Antidote to Boring Lessons with Vikki Grant

Vikki Grant – 2014 Teacher of the Year will help you bring an enhanced energy and engagement into your classroom. You will be able to connect with your classroom and maintain engagement.

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Super 6 Literacy Activities for all KLAs

In this course you will be shown the building blocks for creating excellent literacy activities using the Super 6 Strategies and how to best deliver them for maximum engagement.

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Providing Valuable Assessment & Feedback

In this course, presented by Vikki Grant, you will learn formative and summative assessment techniques that you can implement in a relief teaching setting as well as common signs to look for as markers of understanding.

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Numeracy Activities on the Interactive Whiteboard

Learn how to enhance your numeracy lessons with the IWB and improve your class engagement. Presented by Susan Burke this course will teach you new ways to deliver traditional numeracy content.

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Emergency Maths

Each module of the course is set aside to deal with specific scenarios you might encounter and pass on winning strategies and resources whether you have access to classroom technologies, textbooks or even nothing at all!

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Health and PE Activities and Games

This course will assist you in creating and sourcing excellent HPE resources, teaching engaging lessons with minimal preparation, and building your knowledge in the HPE subject area.

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Digital storytelling with Sway

Join Jaime Marinkovich as she takes you step by step through Digital Storytelling basics, how to create your free Sway account and how to use Sway to implement effective digital storytelling techniques.

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Fast Feedback

Zebedee Freidman introduces us to growth mindset concepts and practices that support our students to be responsible risk takers and resilient learners. A mix of down to earth delivery, practical content and fun activities awaits you in this course!

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