This course will assist you in

  • Creating and sourcing excellent Science resources
  • Teaching engaging Science lessons with minimal preparation
  • Building your knowledge in the Science subject area


Have you ever been asked to teach a subject out of your comfort zone / qualifications? It's happened to most of us and you'd be silly to knock the teaching back. So what to do?

The Relief Teacher Association's 'All Purpose Science Activities and Strategies for Year 7-10' course will equip you with a broad array of Science topics and appropriate activities and strategies that can be used at any time in a relief teaching context.

Expand your subject knowledge, increase confidence in teaching outside of your comfort zone and become more employable by joining us in this course. 

Addressed Standards:

NESA:  2.6.2 & 4.2.2

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 2.1 & 4.2

Target Audience:

Relief Teachers