NSW Government Schools And NSW Casual Teachers

ClassCover is the chosen casual teacher provider for NSW public schools. 


NSW Government Schools And NSW Casual Teachers

ClassCover is the chosen casual teacher provider for NSW public schools. 

Create a free profile to get booked by NSW public schools

ClassCover has teamed up with the NSW Department of Education to provide the casual teacher resourcing solution for NSW public schools. 

This means that in July this year, ClassCover will replace the NSW Department of Education’s call centre approach to booking casual teachers which is known as Casual.Direct. This is a progressive step forward for the department who are choosing an innovative tech based solution to connect schools with casual teachers.


What is ClassCover?

ClassCover is Australia's market leading casual teacher booking app. Teachers create free online profiles which act as an online CV. Schools are able to connect with teachers in their area and book in seconds via the app. 

There are over 38,000 casual teachers nationwide who are using ClassCover to get booked by schools - all for FREE.


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Who's on ClassCover now? 

Throughout the year, more and more NSW public schools will continue to join ClassCover. To see which schools are using right now, you can view our handy school map  here

It's worth checking the map throughout the year so you know which schools to approach with your CV. They can add you to their approved ClassCover list so you can get booked directly by them. 

How does it work?

How does it work?

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1. Update your availability in seconds

Let schools see when you can work and when you can't at a glance. Update in seconds via SMS, Smartphone Apps or a Desktop.

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2. Update your cv in  for schools to see

No need to email or notify schools of your new skills, update your CV via your profile for all schools to see.

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3. You can now come to class prepared

Schools can send you information about the classes you are covering upon booking you, meaning lesson plans, resources, instructions etc in your hand before you begin.

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4. indepth profile info

Add a profile picture, your specialty subjects and experience to your profile. Plus any Professional Development courses you completed, your references and more.


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