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NSW DoE Casual Teachers granted access to counselling services

This follows ClassCover working with NSW Department of Education to identify quick ways in which additional support of casual teachers could be achieved. 

As of today until the 30th June, 2020, all NSW public school casual teachers will be granted the same access to EAP Support (employee assistance program) that is available for full time teachers.   

ClassCover first raised this idea just last week. Swift action was taken by the NSW DoE in order to provide support to casual teachers. 

‘We are so pleased to be able assist both the Department and all casual relief teachers. Our unique position allows us to see and hear what casual teachers are saying. We always do our best to suggest remedies and improvements that can be implemented for these highly valued educators who are going through a very rough time right now.’ Ben Grozier, CEO, ClassCover. 

This direct response from the NSW Department of Education will assist casual teachers during the COVID-19 epidemic and the stress and anxiety faced as a result. 

What is an EAP and how do I access it? 

EAP is an employee assistance program, giving all casual staff as well as immediate family members access up to three (3) one hour sessions of confidential counselling services on 1800 060 650 under the department’s Employee Assistance Program – Supporting You

How long can I access this support for? 

Until 30 June 2020 

Other ways we are supporting casual teachers during this time

Extra financial support through an online teaching initiative 

ClassCover is working on a Home Schooling Support Market Place to connect casual teachers in need of work with parents wanting a break from homeschooling.  

The lessons will be delivered online and will help to ease the financial strain faced by casual teachers who are out of work due to the COVID-19 crisis as well as support parents and children who are in need of additional support. 

Learn more about this planned initiative here

Upskilling casual teachers with high demand digital learning tool skills free of charge  

ClassCover’s Relief Teacher Association is providing casual teachers with the training needed to upskill on digital learning tools such as Google Classrooms, teaching with Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw, Zoom, Matific and more.  

We are proud to be able to offer these specific courses to casual teachers in need free of charge to help upskill and future proof the careers of thousands of teachers.  

Find out more about our free course offerings

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