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NSW Department of Education & ClassCover Partnership

ClassCover works with NSW Department of Education to help all NSW public schools find, book and manage casual teachers and provides NSW schools and teachers free access to the platform. 

Since July 2018, ClassCover has replaced Casual.Direct as the preferred platform for NSW public schools to find and book casual teachers.

What is ClassCover?

ClassCover is Australia’s market leading casual teacher booking app. Teachers create a free online profile which acts as an online CV. Schools are able to connect with teachers in their area and book them in seconds via the app.

Who's on ClassCover?

We have 25,000 casual teachers and 1585 schools in NSW. For teachers, the Find New Schools feature allows you to see and connect with schools in your area. Similarly, schools can search for teachers in their area and invite them to join their list of casuals. 

What does this partnership mean for NSW public schools?

While it’s not mandatory for NSW public schools to use ClassCover, schools do get access at no cost. ClassCover has replaced Casual.Direct as a more comprehensive solution and is the department’s recommended platform.  

Schools small and large can benefit from ClassCover and we have a growing number of relief teachers to connect directly with in all parts of NSW – including rural areas.

ClassCover has completely changed my morning routine. No more calling teacher after teacher to secure a booking.
Liverpool Public School
Liverpool NSW
Being a new teacher, it can be hard to get a foot in the door. Having the ability to have my CV and training certificates in one place has made it easy for schools to get to know me and add me for work
Jack Mason
Relief Teacher, NSW
I think ClassCover is a very valuable tool for booking casuals saves untold phone calls/hours to casuals who are no longer available and haven’t notified the school or are booked with other schools.
Avalon Public School
Avalon NSW
Since using ClassCover I have had more work and less phone calls on days I am not able to work – brilliant!
Michelle Wyatt
Relief Teacher, NSW