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ClassCover version 2.0 is coming this Term 2

More intuitive. New features. Cleaner design.

We’re excited to bring you a new and improved ClassCover coming next term. Based off valuable feedback given by schools and teachers who had early access, we have now added new features that will enhance your work opportunites and give you a more seamless user experience.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the new features coming in the next release and other features coming later on in the year.

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Improved profile design

The new and improved teacher profile has a cleaner look and feel and a more intuitive user experience allowing better management of your online CV. It also gives schools a better insight into your experience at a glance.  


Blending of your availability and booking calendar

We’ve merged your availability and bookings into one place to make it easier to manage your working week.


Additional improvements to Push Notifications

We have worked harder to provide a more seamless experience when being booked via push notifications, giving you added benefits when engaging with the app. 

Coming later you will also see the journey time to get to the school via Google Maps integration, plus additional information. 

Separation of Booking Requests and General Notifications 

You will have an even clearer view of the most important booking request notifications that you receive. 



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Coming in a later release this year


Ability to 'Request to be added' by a school 

At the moment it's only schools who have the ability to search and request teachers join their list. In the future release, we're now opening that up so teachers are able to send a request to schools to be added to their lists. 


Messaging feature to communicate directly with the school foreach booking   

Our new messaging feature is designed to help improve communication between the school and you to keep you informed and up to date on anything you need to know about your day ahead.  


School noticeboard feature 

Teachers attached to a school can access documents such as a map of the school, OH&S policy, timetables etc.   


Your ability to choose where you want to work 

Stop getting contacted from schools that are too far away. You will be able to select exactly which areas that you want to work.  

ClassCover version 2.0 is now coming this Term 2, 2019

See what’s coming for schools in the new release.