We are now posting daily updates on a continuous feed to keep you up to date.

Why we had to update the system

After 7 years, the ClassCover platform was very overdue to be rebuilt from the ground up in order to allow it to accommodate the increasing numbers of schools, teachers and bookings being added and placed on the system.

The technology being used was in desperate need of being updated in order to remain secure and reliable. 

Deploying a product such as this in a two week school holiday time frame is a very tall order and obviously there have been issues with rolling it out. However, we assessed it is better to get a new version to our users and to wrestle bugs with a far superior product as our end goal in mind rather than watch an old product slowly collapse under the weight of users. 

All we can ask for is your continued patience and to reassure you that we will continue to work non-stop at increasing the reliability of the ClassCover.


Please be aware that our team are working around the clock to ensure all bugs in the new system are ironed out and addressed ASAP.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of support tickets right now. This will delay the response in which we can get back to you.

We will be posting an update over the next few days on what issues have been fixed, are being fixed and are in the pipeline to be fixed. We are going by priority order to ensure the core bookings function is in working order as a priority.

Please note that issues you are experiencing are only temporary. We aim to have all the features you are used to available again in the app shortly. We will also be adding new features over the coming weeks ahead.

A quick overview on key items

  • School mobile app update: The school iOS and Android app will be available soon.

  • Missing teacher information (certificates, notes etc): This will be reimported from the old product ASAP.

  • Push notifications will be available next week. Until this time, all bookings and confirmations will be coming through as SMS.

A more detailed report on whats getting fixed to come soon…