First of all, we would like to thank our users for your patience as we work on the roll out of ClassCover v2.0. It is a large data migration and a monumental upgrade. The desktop version is live for all users and can be used as per normal for bookings, updating availability, organising teacher lists, finding new teachers etc... 

Staggered release 

ClassCover v2.0 is now live via iOS for teacher users and on the desktop for both teacher users and school users. The Android app will soon be available in the PlayStore with an ETA of that becoming available for download by the 25th of April at the latest. All teachers will still be able to receive booking requests via SMS.

For schools, your mobile access will be available soon. You have full access to the desktop version where you can perform bookings as per usual. You can also operate the browser version of ClassCover just like the app while you’re on the go, as it is fully mobile responsive. Learn more here 

The schedule 

  • Desktop: Live now for all users 

  • IOS: Live now for teachers, will be live for schools soon

  • Android: Live now for teacher users, will be live for schools soon

ClassCover on iOS for teachers: If you have an iPhone, please update or download the ClassCover iOS app in order to access the new ClassCover. You may need to uninstall the old app and reinstall the new app found in your app store. Please also ensure you are using an iOS operating system above 11.02 (released in Oct 2017).

For teachers, there’s a few things we need you to do when you log into the desktop version of the app 

  1. Login to the web version of ClassCover.  

  2. Once logged in, you will need to confirm your Experience Levels by ticking the appropriate boxes in your teacher profile and also selecting your Role Type.  

  3. Enter your availability for Term 2. For now, this is best done on a computer rather than navigating on your phone if using the desktop or in the new iOS version of ClassCover.  

With such a large migration of data, we expect there to be some teething problems. Our team is working around the clock to go through any issues you might have and we appreciate your patience while we work to iron out the full deployment of ClassCover v2.0.