Celebrating excellence in the relief teacher community

Congratulations to all winners of this year’s awards. We’re proud to support these awards, and this year’s teachers who are worthy recipients of this recognition.
— Brad Hedgman  Deputy CEO, Teachers Mutual Bank 

If you ask a relief teacher to describe what their standard work day looks like, their recount might closely resemble a day in the life of someone herding ducks through hoops set on fire.  

However, most of the time, they miraculously manage to pull it off.  

The extraordinary courage and strength of relief teachers often goes unseen amidst the frenzy of a regular school day. This year however, Teachers Mutual Bank and ClassCover are delighted to present the first ever Relief Teacher of the Year Award, designed to recognise excellence within our relief teacher community. 

The 2018 launch of this award has been wildly successful, with a number of schools taking part to nominate the outstanding relief teachers in their community. Encouraging schools to voice their appreciation of relief teachers generated an outpouring of positive comments and praise on the relief teacher community with an overwhelming response.  

Teachers Mutual Bank and ClassCover would like to thank the schools who gave their time to commend their nominees.  

We are very proud to join with Teacher Mutual Bank to present the first ever Relief Teacher of the Year Award. We all know that relief teachers make a very important contribution to school communities. ClassCover congratulates our winners and thanks all relief teachers for their hard work.
— Ben Grozier Co-founder, ClassCover 
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And 2018 the winners are... 

We are proud to announce that the results are in! We invite you to join us in celebrating our three winners: 

Amanda Barry (QLD) 

Nominated by St John Fisher College, Brisbane Catholic Education

Watch Amanda’s video and read her story

Nidy Durairaj (NSW) 

Nominated by Nepean CAPA High School, NSW Department of Education

Watch Nidy’s video and read his story

Karen Wasley (WA)  

Nominated by Winthrop Primary School, WA Department of Education

Watch Karen’s video and read her story