Yesterday, four lucky ClassCover teachers jumped on a plane to China for an all expenses paid 10 day trip of a life time, courtesy ClassCover partner Chatty Kids. The chosen four are on there way to Guangzhou in Southern China to teach and run an Australian classroom teaching English to 100 primary aged students.  

The teachers, who are getting paid a wage on top of all their expenses paid, will be using a curriculum designed by Australian teachers using Chatty Kids online and offline content.  

We’re very excited to have the opportunity to connect Australia to China with education! 

With over 300,000 students in China learning English right now; Australia is well positioned to meet China’s huge demand for qualified English teachers, both online and offline. It will be an amazing experience for the children attending the event, those kids will want to continue learning with their new Australian teachers.    Connecting for online classrooms after the teachers return to Australia.    Over the next 12 months we will book many more of these educational events in China, so watch this space for future opportunities.
— Ken Taggart, CEO Chatty Kids 

Since advertising the positions in September last year, Ken from Chatty Kids certainly had his work cut out for him, going through a large list of 100's of talented and capable ClassCover teachers who applied.  

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It’s so great to have an opportunity like this for our hard working casual teachers. This truly is an experience they will always remember and it’s a great way to say thanks for being such an important part of the education system and the wider school communities they support
— Ben Grozier, co-founder of ClassCover 


 A bit about the selected ClassCover teachers for this years China experience


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Kathy Kolarik from East Ballina. Kathy casually teaches in primary schools in Northern Rivers region of NSW and has been a member of ClassCover since 2015. Kathy is the appointed head teacher for the 10 days in China and will be leading the team.  



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Nathan Dennett from Caringbah NSW. Nathan has been a member of ClassCover since 2015 and has been teaching K-6 in casual and full-time blocks since 2002 

Nathan is also a 500 hour Certified Yoga and meditation teacher: teaching in schools and Active After School Care communities. 


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Elanore chatty.png

Eleanor Baker from Mosman in NSW has been with ClassCover since ClassCover started in 2012. She is a primary school casual teacher and is currently studying a Masters of Special Education.  




Anna Szorkovszky from Kotara South in NSW has been with ClassCover since 2013 teaching dance, drama, visual arts and assisting special needs students casually to primary schools across the Lake Macquarie district.  




Future opportunities

Chatty Kids and ClassCover have partnered together to offer this fantastic opportunity and plan to offer this again in the future, and next time it could be you! 


How does this work? 

  1. The Chatty Kids and ClassCover partnership offer ClassCover teachers exclusive access to job openings.  
  2. Teachers apply by emailing their cover letter and CV to Chatty Kids and go through a series of online interviews and vetting procedures.  
  3. Parents in China purchase tickets for a 10-day event in Guangzhou to send their children to attend the study camp. 
  4.  Chatty Kids replicate an Australian school/classroom in China for 10-days, introducing the Chinese children and Chinese teachers to our western teaching and classroom techniques 
  5. Teachers have their flights, accommodation and food provided over the 10 day event 
  6. Teachers also receive wage which is determined based on experience. 


We will be updating you on their adventures of the course of the next 10 days so stay tuned! 

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