Following the revelation that school leaders spend less than a third of their time educating students and more time on administrative tasks, two premier NSW software providers have joined forces to provide further administrative support to Australian schools under an integration focused on managing casual relief teacher engagements.  

Co-founders of ClassCover, Ben Grozier and Peter Carpenter

Co-founders of ClassCover, Ben Grozier and Peter Carpenter

Edval, who has been providing timetabling software and consultancy services to schools throughout Austalia, Ireland, UK and Asia for over 20 years has confirmed a partnership with NSW based casual teacher management software provider, ClassCover, to allow school users to move between their timetabling software and the casual engagement automated booking platform in one simple workflow providing a total end-to-end solution for their users.  

ClassCover, who services over 650 NSW Public Schools and a total of 1,100 schools across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK, is excited about the integration which will be released in 2018.  

ClassCover CEO Peter Carpenter said that “a partnership between ClassCover and Edval is a natural fit given our shared vision in wanting to improve the lives of school leaders and their teams so they can continue to focus on what is important at the end of the day, teaching and student learning outcomes”.  

He went on further to say “we only need to look at the recent case of a casual teacher in NSW unfortunately falling through the gaps and delivering the incorrect HSC course to year 11 and 12 students to know that something must be done in this area to better support not only schools at risk of falling into the same trap, but also not taking the focus off casual teacher quality, support and professional development to better support the schools they work in”.  

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Managing Director at Edval Michael Emmanuel supported Peter’s comments adding “the complexities surrounding the task of timetabling alone for most schools is highly complex and stressful. Add to this a variable such as teacher absence in a high pressure, time sensitive environment and you’ve got a situation that can have a critically negative impact on student, teacher and Principal welfare”. 

Both companies offer support services to their end-users; Edval via their consultancy services to school leaders and ClassCover via their Relief Teacher Association to individual casual teachers.  As the current academic year draws to a close, the news of this partnership is welcomed by users of both software solutions with Head Teacher Admin at Callaghan College Wallsend Matthew Godsell adding “we’re thrilled to see two of our long-standing service providers joining forces to provide our schools with additional support for these highly complex administrative tasks. By working together on integrated solutions, real solutions to real problems, we’re able to cut the time spent on these day-to-day tasks and shift our focus onto what matters most, our students”.