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New: You can now post Teacher Status Updates on ClassCover

Do you have something you want schools to know?

You can now post a teacher status update via your teacher profile and have it seen by schools you are attached to and schools who are looking to add or hire you. 

The ‘teacher status update’ empowers teachers on the platform to share their voice and communicate to schools like never before.  

Your teacher status update is 140 characters long and can be used as a way to let schools know you are on a block work, maternity leave or any type of leave or as a space to let schools know how far you are willing to travel or that you are open to full time opportunities.  

The space is yours to use however you like!  

Status updates can be posted from the web version of ClassCover (not yet available for mobile but will be soon!) 

Where can schools see your teacher status update? 

Schools you are attached to can see your status update next to your name in their My Teachers list, which is the central hub for teacher management. 

Schools you are not attached to can see your status update next to your name in Find Teachers (the local teacher library) and on your job application through ClassCover Jobs.  

What to write on your status update? 

Schools get a preview of your status and can click to read more, so make sure you have it punchy so they get the gist at a glance,.  

Here are a few status ideas for inspiration: 

“On block until Term 2. Be back soon.” 

On maternity leave” 

“Willing to travel up to 30kms” 

“Experienced in Special Ed” 

“I’m looking for full time work” 

“Open to new opportunities” etc. 

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