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New school features now available in the latest ClassCover update

Based on valuable feedback from our school community, we have been working to release new features that will help make managing and booking your relief teachers as efficient as ever.

We are excited to announce the release of the features listed below that you can start accessing right away.

What’s new?

  • Pre-confirmed bookings now on mobile – You can now use this feature within the mobile app on the go. Read how
  • Filter teachers by availability in Find Teachers – Available on the mobile and desktop version, this will improve your search when adding new teachers in a hurry. Read how
  • Export teachers – The ability to export your full list of teachers as a csv is now available from the desktop version. Read how
  • External Events – You now can include external events into your booking calendar, such as ‘sports carnival’ or ‘year 6 camp’. Read how.
  • Customised scheduling of the Daily Booking Summary – You can now customise the day and time you want to receive this report for your records. Read how.

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