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New integration with the NSW Department of Education shows teacher verification on ClassCover

If you are a NSW Department of Education school, you will notice a status symbol next to the names of teachers on ClassCover.

The verification status is a new integration with the NSW Department of Education is designed as a time saving tool for all NSW public schools who need to know that teachers are accredited and approved to teach with completed relevant training.

This simple addition has major time saving benefits and will add an extra layer of quality assurance that casual teachers are verified and ready to teach in schools. It’s not only important for schools who are looking to add new teachers, but also for current casual teacher list management as validation can expire and it can be a challenge to keep on top of it.  

Previously, NSW Public Schools were tasked with checking several outside sources to ensure a teacher has all relevant and up to date accreditation and mandatory training. This can be time consuming and can also have a negative impact on teachers who haven’t uploaded enough information in their ClassCover profile.  

Having a validated profile for NSW public schools will increase casual teachers’ work prospects and improve efficiency for thousands of NSW Public Schools.

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