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New for teachers | Improving teacher and school communication

We have just released new features for teachers designed to improve the bookings workflow and to allow for better communication between teachers and schools.  

What’s new? 

You can now add a reason for declining a booking via the mobile app 

When you receive a booking request via Push Notification on the ClassCover mobile app, you now have the option to send a message to the school as to why you are declining.  

This feature has been requested by many in our teacher community and we are excited to be able to now empower teachers to provide more communication to schools.  

There is now more information on booking requests (SMS and Push Notifications) 

Teachers will now receive more information around booking requests on both Push Notification and SMS. 

This will allow you to see if you are the only one to who the job has been sent to or one of many. You will also see how long you have to respond to the booking request before it gets sent to the next teacher on the list if the booking was sent in priority order. 

Providing transparency around booking requests has been designed in order to alleviate some of the anxiety faced by teachers when accepting bookings on ClassCover. 

Schools can now send a reason for cancelling your booking 

When a school cancels a booking, they now have the option to send a reason which will come through in the cancellation email.  

Schools can now see that you are booked elsewhere

We have made improvements to the availability labels for schools to see. If you are booked by another school on ClassCover, schools can now see that you are booked elsewhere. Previously they were only able to see unavailable.  

Coming soon: We will soon be giving teachers the option to enter into your calendar that you have been booked by another school externally to ClassCover.  

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