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New for teachers | Features and enhancements just released

We have just released new features and enhancements for teachers on ClassCover with even more features to be released over Term 3. Take a look at what is coming soon to you on ClassCover here.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions that you would like to see in a future release? We’re always listening and improving and value your feedback. You can share your feedback here.

You can now add work experience and skills to your profile 

Your teacher portfolio which can be shared will be released in Term 3

Your ClassCover teacher profile has now been updated to include work experience and skills. This addition allows you to build out your ClassCover profile as you would your teacher CV for schools to see. 

Shareable teacher portfolios coming soon 

Soon you will be able to create and share your teacher portfolio for schools and other potential employers to see, showcasing your work history, teaching levels, subjects, skills and attributes.  

Your teacher portfolio is a way for you to show yourself off, be found, booked and employed.  Schools and other potential employers don’t have to be logged in or have a ClassCover account to view your teacher portfolio. You can include the link when applying for jobs and include it on your CV so schools can find you on ClassCover. 

You can now add a resume to your job application on ClassCover Jobs 

ClassCover Jobs now has the option for you to upload a resume alongside your cover letter when applying for jobs. Previously we had it so schools could find your resume when looking at your profile with the file you would have uploaded in your additional documents section.  

We received feedback that not all resumes will be the same depending on the type of job you are applying for. You can now customise your resume to land that perfect job and upload it as part of the application process. 

Are you looking for more work? Schools are hiring for Term 3 now and are posting jobs on ClassCover Jobs.

See recent jobs posted

Quick availability updater 

We want to make it even easier for you to update your availability each week. We will be launching a quick availability updater which will ask you via push notification over the weekend if you are available for the following week. 

You can select Available or Unavailable which will mark any Hasn’t Indicated (HI) on your calendar as either Available or Unavailable depending on what you choose. We will not override any bookings or previous entries you have made. 

The quick availability updater and other enhancements and fixes are live now in the recent app update. Update your app now to the most recent version.

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