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New for schools | Features and enhancements just released

We have just released new features and enhancements for schools on ClassCover. Take a look at what’s new below.

We also have more features due to be released over Term 3. Take a look at what is coming soon on ClassCover here.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions that you would like to see in a future release? We’re always listening and improving and value your feedback. You can share your feedback here.

Teacher List Health Checker in My Teachers 

You can now see the health of your teacher list through the new teacher health checker which can be found on your My Teachers page. This shows you how many teachers on your list are active and how many are deemed as inactive. 

The inactive status is set if a teacher hasn’t logged in, replied to a job or taken any action on their ClassCover account for over 90 days (3 months). 

It will also show you how many teachers are operating with incomplete profiles.  

Teachers with an incomplete profile can still get booked for work through their mobile via SMS, however, you won’t be able to see their profile information and training certificates making it hard to stay on top of managing teachers. We will be releasing a feature shortly which will allow you to prompt your incomplete profile teachers to log in and provide relevant and important information.

Check out your teacher health checker now 

What to do if your teacher health checker is reading as ‘Ok’ or ‘Needs work’? 

If your health checker is not showing ‘healthy’ then it’s a good time to do a list spring clean. We have tools available to you to do this with ease.  

Follow this guide on cleaning and refreshing your teacher list 

Send messages to job applicants 

You can now send email messages to your job applicants via your job portal in a few clicks. Messages you send will be emailed directly to the applicant when changing their applicant status.  

Applicants will not be notified on what status they’ve been tagged as which includes Hired, Shortlisted and Rejected. They will only see the message you compose and choose to send.

You can now see what other schools are posting on ClassCover Jobs 

We have made ClassCover Jobs visible to everyone so you can see what other schools are posting. Previously only teachers who were logged into ClassCover could view jobs posted.  

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