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New features coming soon to ClassCover

We are working on a ton of new features for schools and teachers planned for release over the next 6 months. We have taken in hours of feedback from hundreds of schools and casual relief teachers learning what matters most, how we can improve your experience and your day to day role. 

In this quick round-up, we’ll take you through what is coming up next in the release schedule. 

ClassCover Jobs

Permanent, temporary, block work and day to day casual positions in all types of schools in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. ClassCover will soon be offering schools a way to broadcast opportunities to thousands of teachers who use ClassCover and are local to the school to find the right talent. 

It’s not just permanent and block work, but schools will also have the option to post for more teachers to be added to ClassCover casual lists for when schools are actively looking to expand teacher pools. Teachers will easily be able to find relevant opportunities and apply within ClassCover. 

The ClassCover Jobs feature adds another layer of convenience for schools and opens up more work options for teachers. 

Learn more about ClassCover Jobs coming soon 

Schedule send 

Need to send a booking request but know it’s probably not the best time for the teacher to respond? 

Teachers often feel conflicted regarding what they do when receiving sought after booking requests whilst they are teaching a class. Do they monitor their phone, or leave it on silent and potentially miss out on days of work?  

For schools, having requests sent out at times when sought after teachers might not able to respond due to being on class can lead to not booking the teacher they ideally wish to hire.  

We’ve solved this issue and shortly will release a scheduled send option for schools so you can set up the booking and let it run at a chosen time that is more appropriate for the teacher to accept.  

More alerts and notifications for teachers 

Teachers will soon have the option to be notified for jobs by both SMS and Push Notifications, giving 100% assurance that they will be alerted to opportunities.  

Currently teachers can choose to accept or decline a job by either SMS or Push Notifications and not by both simultaneously. While the majority of teachers experience no issues with their chosen means of notifications, there is a large enough group of teachers who do have issues which can be experienced for a variety of reasons (not set up properly, low internet or data coverage, low battery or multiple devices with ClassCover installed). 

While we work on bringing this feature out to you, we do recommend going through this notification troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing issues. 

Teacher validation integration with the NSW Department of Education (NSW Public Schools) 

NSW Department of Education casual teachers will soon be able to have their accreditation verified within the ClassCover app.  

This integration with the NSW Department of Education will have major benefits, adding an extra layer of assurance that casual teachers are verified and ready to teach in schools. It’s not only important for schools who are looking to add new teachers, but for current casual teacher list management as validation can expire and it can be a challenge to keep on top of it.   

Learn more about the teacher validation integration 

Do you have a feature request or do you simply want to share some feedback?

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