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New: Efficiency boosted with high value info where it counts

We have been working on some improvements to provide you with high-value information on pages you frequent regularly. Updates made to the Booking History and Booking Request Inflight mode have been implemented based on your feedback and are designed to boost efficiency and make your job easier. 

Check out what’s new below.  

Improvements to the booking request history page 

Your request history page has just had a massive overhaul and now features more information to keep you organised and informed on the booking activity on your school account.  

  • Filter by booking status 
  • Search for bookings created by a certain user 
  • Filter bookings by date range 
  • More information on each booking including the booking date (previously only showed date request was made) 

Take a look at your new and improved history page 

Improvements to the booking inflight mode 

After placing a booking, you are taken to the booking inflight mode. This page shows you the progress of your booking request which previously showed only basic information about how your job is progressing.  

This page has now been updated with high-value information so you have more visibility on the booking progress.  


Psst! We’re working on another new feature and would love your feedback…

Check out the new school profile feature

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