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New: Do a whole lot more when managing teachers on ClassCover

Your ‘My Teachers’ page on ClassCover has just had a massive upgrade. 

After listening to your feedback, we have now made My Teachers the central hub for managing your teacher list, allowing you to communicate with your teachers, perform bulk actions to ensure a healthy list and update important information all from the one page. 

A quick overview of what’s new on the My Teachers page 

  • Broadcast messages to teachers in bulk or one by one without leaving ClassCover. 
  • Filter teachers to perform bulk actions (filter by star rating, active / inactive, tags, level) 
  • Bulk delete teachers from your list with ease. 
  • Hide / suspend teachers who are inactive and re-show if they become active
  • Add notes to teachers from My Teachers (Your booking request screen will be updated to show notes in a future release soon…). 
  • Add tags without leaving My Teachers (ClassCover system tags and your own schools’ custom tags)  
  • Improved internal Star Rating management. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into what you can now do on My Teachers 

Broadcast messages to teachers without leaving ClassCover 

Do you have something you want to announce to your teachers on ClassCover? You can now broadcast messages to all your teachers at once in bulk, filter and choose a selected group or communicate to just one teacher.  

The messages you send out will be sent as an email, straight to the teacher’s inbox. The email will state that the message has come from your school and will refer to the sender’s name.  

You can segment who you choose to send messages to by filtering teachers by name, star rating, active/inactive, tags, and teaching level. You can then select as a group and a bulk email to that segment. 

What type of messages can you send? 

Schools can write anything in messages. You have 280 characters to use in the message with the option to include a supporting link to send the receiver to either read more or simply have a link to support your message. 

Some good uses for using this feature; 

  • Message teachers at the start of the term to see if they are available to teach. 
  • Broadcast important school announcements. 
  • Ask teachers to update their availability. 
  • Send important reminders. 

Learn how to send messages in our step by step-by-step guide 

It’s now easier to ensure a healthy and responsive teacher list on ClassCover  

There are now improved tools available to you on My Teachers to manage the process of cleaning up your teacher list with ease. 

Having a healthy teacher list on ClassCover is key to successful booking outcomes. Lists with high numbers of inactive and unresponsive teachers will result in unfilled bookings and a high rate of non-responses.  

With the new features available on My Teachers, you can now easily identify inactive teachers to bulk delete or turn inactive in one click so you are no longer sending booking requests into the void. 

Learn how to clean up and refresh your list with ease in this step-by-step guide 

You can now seamlessly manage and organise your teacher list from the one place 

My Teachers now gives you the ability to add tags and notes to teachers and rate by stars in a more efficient way. 

Adding tags: You can add system tags or your own custom school tags which will reflect on booking request and pre-confirmed booking pages. Learn more about managing tags 

Rate by stars: It’s now easier to manage star ratings on your My Teachers page. Learn more about star ratings 

Adding notes: You can add notes next to each teacher on your My Teachers and Pre-confirmed pages for all staff to see. There’s no character limit and can jot down whatever you like. Teachers aren’t alerted about your notes.  

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