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New: Boost efficiency by knowing more about teachers on ClassCover at a glance

The 2021 school year has almost begun!

We’re kicking off Term 1 with new improvements and features that will help make your life easier when managing your casual relief teachers on ClassCover in 2021. 

We’ve added more meaningful information to teachers on Find New Teachers, My Teachers and job applications 

Know how active teachers are 

You can now see how active teachers are on ClassCover with last active date now viewable. You can see this information on both ‘Find New Teachers’ and in your ‘My Teachers’ list. This simple addition will let you know if this teacher is active enough for your school to consider adding to or keeping on your regular booking list. 

View important info about each teacher at a glance  

You can now see subjects and levels qualified to teach, user type, location and other handy details you want to know at a glance when looking through teacher lists on Find New Teachers, Job applications in ClassCover Jobs and My Teachers.

Previously, school users had to navigate to a teachers profile to see this information. This addition is designed to boost efficiency when finding new teachers, managing lists and job applications.  

NSW Public Schools COVID intensive learning support program 

  • NSW Public Schools can now filter and locate teachers who are approved by the NSW Department of Education to participate in the COVID intensive learning support program. Learn more about this new feature 

🚀 What we’ve released in the last 6 months 

We are continuously improving, enhancing, and adding new features for both schools and teachers. The last 6 months we’ve delivered the following: 

  • ClassCover Jobs: You can now post job ads for full time, part time or post a call out for casual teachers to apply to be on your list. Learn more 
  • Teacher validation integration with the NSW Department of Education. Learn more 
  • Schedule send option: You can now set up a booking request and let it run at a chosen time that is more appropriate for the teacher to accept. 
  • More alerts for teachers: Teachers can now choose both Push Notifications and SMS so they are always alerted to your booking request even if they are in low data or low reception areas. 

Stay tuned for more feature releases and enhancements coming up in 2021! 

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