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Meet the Faces Behind ClassCover’s Support and Success Teams

This month marks the 10th anniversary of ClassCover! To celebrate, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of the people that helped make it happen — our team. Last week, we tagged along for a day in the life of our Product Manager, Prashant. Today, we’re introducing you to the friendly faces behind our Customer Success and Support teams.

Scattered right across the Philippines, these teams all work remotely helping our users get the most out of the platform. Chances are, whether you’ve been using ClassCover for a few months or a few years, you’ve spoken to one of the legends below. 

Jan - Customer Success Specialist

Meet Jan! 👋

Jan recently celebrated his 8-year anniversary with ClassCover and was our 4th ever employee. Since joining the team he’s mastered many different areas of the business. From customer care, admin, even sales, Jan’s done it all.

These days you can find him looking after the onboarding of our new school users and running live sessions for existing users to help everyone make the most of the platform. If you’re interested in joining a session, you can sign up for new school users, advanced school users or teachers.

Here’s what Jan had to say about his time with ClassCover. 

“It’s been a wild ride being a part of the team for so long. Over the past 8 years it’s been so nice to see the business grow and help all sorts of educators spend more time doing what they love.

 “The thing I enjoy most about my job is being able to speak to all sorts of people. During our webinars I often get the opportunity to announce new features. Every time I end one of these sessions I can feel the excitement through the screen at the potential each new update brings.”

And some exciting news — while he is currently based in Manilla, Jan is planning on moving to Queensland in 2022 to be closer to his family. Keep an eye out for him if you’re in the sunshine state!

If you’ve ever reached out to us for support, you have probably spoken to either Dean or Rein. What you might not know is that they are married with three kids! Rein was the first to join ClassCover, making the move after working for a number of years as a primary school teacher.

“My background as a teacher really helps me relate to our users. Whether they have had a great day or need to have a vent about a challenging situation, I know how it feels and I like to think I can help. It really feels good and gives me a sense of fulfilment when I’m able to help our users. I can tell that what I’m doing makes a big impact on their day.”

Fast forward a couple of years and after seeing how much Rein enjoyed working with us, Dean jumped at the chance as soon as there was an opening.

So what does a typical day look like for these two?

Being based in Pangasinan, in the Northern Philippines, Rein and Dean take turns waking up at 3am to start the morning shift, which is 6am AEDT. This flexibility is a lifesaver as it allows Dean and Rein to take turns looking after their kids while they work from home. Even though everyone in the family is on different schedules, they all make sure to come together at night for dinner. 

Here’s what Dean had to say about his move to ClassCover. 

“Joining ClassCover was a lifesaver for me. Compared to other jobs I’ve had, our team works like a well oiled machine.”

As our Sales and Customer Success Specialist, Arnz acts as a link between ClassCover and the rest of the education industry, building relationships with schools and other organisations.

“A lot of my day involves working with principals, DPs, APs and School Admins to learn about their needs so we can help them achieve them using ClassCover. Most of these relationships go on to be long term, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Arnz works closely with our Customer Support team to ensure our school users are getting the support they need — from on-boarding to training, to make sure they are getting the most out of the platform.

So, what is Arnz’s favourite thing about working with ClassCover?

 “The whole ClassCover team works in harmony. I’m so proud and grateful to be working with these amazing people. The flexibility is also great. Sometimes, I bring my afternoon tasks outside and work from a cafe while enjoying a coffee.” 

Mary - Customer Success Specialist

Since starting with ClassCover, Mary has moved from our Customer Support team to her current role as a Customer Success Specialist, working with schools across Australia and New Zealand to help them make the most of our software.

“One of my favourite parts about my role is seeing feedback from teachers and schools go on to become new features in the software. One thing we had A LOT of requests for was more visibility over teacher availability. It’s really exciting to see this functionality rolling out soon in our next update for teachers.”

Based in Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines, Mary and her husband unfortunately caught COVID earlier this year but they have thankfully both recovered.

“For me, the best thing about ClassCover is how valued I feel as an employee. While battling COVID I felt so supported by our team here in the Philippines and in Australia.”

Fun fact about Mary, two years after joining ClassCover, she recommended her sister Maureen for a job in our Customer Support team!

Like many of our team, our Operations Coordinator, Marj, has a background in education. After working for a number of years as a tutor, Marj joined the ClassCover team where they have just celebrated their one-year anniversary.

“Moving from tutoring to working with ClassCover was a big change, so at first I was quite nervous. Soon though I realised that my background was a real asset and meant that I was able to relate to ClassCover users and really help them.”  

In their role, Marj has been instrumental in the launch of our partnership with The Smith Family’s Catch-Up Learning Program and is also working hard on some exciting new features that are due to be announced soon 🤫 Outside of work, Marj loves the natural beauty of the Philippines and the fact that they can be at the beach in 20 minutes or the mountains in less than an hour.

Any words to leave us with, Marj?

“There’s definitely something special about working with ClassCover. When you feel valued at work, you’re excited to come in every day.”

Since following in her sister’s footsteps and joining ClassCover, Maureen has been a part of our Customer Support team for four years. In this role, Maureen is a driving force behind ClassCover Learn, managing the relationship with NESA and monitoring feedback from teachers taking our online courses to ensure we offer the best learning platform possible.

“Joining ClassCover was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love how flexible the company is and how easy working from home makes it to balance looking after my kids and the craziness of family life.”

Based in the Negros Occidental region of the Philippines, Maureen is looking forward to seeing her sister Mary once the COVID situation allows.

Looking to join ClassCover as a teacher? Teachers can create a profile for free here

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