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Free Courses On Offer For Relief Ruler Teachers

To celebrate the acquisition of Relief Ruler, ClassCover is offering all Relief Ruler teachers free access to one of the course below. You will get access to the course of your choosing after you have completed your free teacher profile on ClassCover

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Bringing Aboriginal Perspectives in the Australian Classroom

Educators from Wingaru Education share their expertise and explore how Aboriginal education fits into the Australian classroom. Learn how to have impact in Aboriginal education as a casual teacher and why it is important to include Aboriginal perspectives + more.

Creating Differentiated Classrooms

Quality differentiation is no easy task. Every classroom is filled with students that possess a huge range of abilities across all areas of learning. Learn a range of strategies to ensure the needs of all students are catered for every day, in every lesson.

Working Memory

This course will provide teachers with the latest research on Working Memory Theory and its impact on learning for children with deficits in their working memory. The course will not only provide theory but specific intervention practices that can be utilised upon course completion.

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