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Coming soon: ClassCover Jobs, connecting our community to more opportunities

Permanent, temporary, block work and day to day positions in all types of schools in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. ClassCover will soon be offering schools a way to broadcast opportunities to thousands of teachers who use ClassCover and are local to the school to find the right talent. 

For teachers and other users such as SLSOs and EAs, ClassCover Jobs will open an abundance of opportunities. It’s not just permanent and block classroom work, but teachers will also have the option to apply to be a part of a schools casual list when schools are actively looking for additional casual relief teacher staff. Teachers will easily be able to find relevant jobs and apply within ClassCover. 

The soon to be released ClassCover Jobs feature will give schools versatility when it comes to the type of work and also the distance from schools in which the broadcast gets sent out (which is helpful for rural schools). 

ClassCover Jobs adds another layer of convenience for schools and opens up more work options for teachers. Teachers interested in the positions can apply to be a part of the school community, giving admin another tool to connect to the right talent for their school. 

Feature highlights for schools 

  • Post for permanent, temp / block or simply more teachers to add to a schools list 
  • Ability to change distance of broadcast 
  • Ability to organise, filter and sort applications  
  • View cover letters, CVs and see teacher profiles for mandatory info and certificates 

Feature highlights for teachers 

  • Teachers can view a list of open opportunities local to them 
  • Teachers can opt into receive email alerts when opportunities are opened 
  • Teachers can apply from within the ClassCover app 
  • Forward your CV, submit your profile and add your cover letter to stand out 

Launching Term 4, 2020

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