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ClassCover and Relief Ruler Feature Comparison

What you get with your new ClassCover account



Relief Ruler


Mobile app for both teachers and schools (iOS and Android) 

Relief Ruler only has an app for teachers 

Web Application


Booking Request – All at once 

Booking Request – One at a time in priority order 

Booking list filtering based off subjects, year groups and availability 

Pre confirmed bookings (Direct) 

Booking for non-consecutive days 

Repeat bookings via Pre-confirmed


Automatic Bookings (preferred and backup list with assigned classroom teacher) 

This is called Smart Groups on ClassCover and was released Term 1 2023


Emergency list smart algorithm 

ClassCover's new Emergency List feature matches the right TRT to job when your usual list has been exhausted


Reopen unfilled bookings 

Coming soon

You will be able to reopen unfilled bookings from your calendar and send back out to your lists including the Emergency list using thesmart algorithm.

Add attachments and comments to bookings for teachers to see 

Delay send booking requests 

Detailed booking history including role type, booker and status 

Daily booking summary emailed every morning at a time that suits you 

Teacher management and connections 

Teacher dynamic availability viewer (See unavailable, available, booked elsewhere, booked at your school)

Find New Directory - Search and find new local teachers and SSOs to connect with 

Broadcast and send messages to list (in bulk, in groups or individually) 

Receive teacher requests to join school 

On ClassCover you can send emails from this screen, block teachers and have an optional reason for declining that the teacher will see

Send messages to teachers requesting to join list 

If you have a screening or interview process before you allow teachers to be approved, you can send them an email on ClassCover to provide instructions

List health checker (active vs inactive percentage) 

Pause a teacher 

On ClassCover, you can suspend teachers on your list or provide black stars. They won’t appear in your booking lists and can't request to be added

View rich profile information (see teacher profile depth)

Defined role types across the app experience (SSOs, Pre-service teachers, admin staff) 

On ClassCover you can select what role the booking is for which will be displayed in the booking request. You can also filter and search by role type across the app with clear labels 

Internal star ratings 

Add notes to teachers 

Customisable compliance check box 


Nudge inactive teachers 

A ‘Nudge’ goes out as a Push Notification, SMS and email asking teachers to show they are active or switch bookings off if they are temporarily unable to be booked 

Quick bulk actions on list for easy list management 

Teacher profile info depth (and other casual staff) 

Accreditation numbers and expiry date 

Role type (Teacher, SSO/ TA, Pre-service teacher, admin) 

Roles are defined across the whole app on ClassCover. You can also see if its a pre-service teacher with interim approval

Year levels and subjects 



On ClassCover you can see qualifications such as university degrees and further studies

Profile pictures 

Teacher status updates (140 character update) 

Calendar and booking management 

View centralised school calendar 

Add external booking events 

Bulk delete or edit bookings 


In-app booking cancellations by teachers 

Coming soon

Coming soon: Opt-in cancellations (you can choose if you want your teachers to cancel in app or if you prefer them to call you). We are bringing in a mandatory reason for cancelling and the ability to choose to have the booking automatically sent out using the smart algorithm in the Emergency list feature. 

Additional functionality

Jobs board for full-time, part-time and contract positions (ClassCover Jobs) 

Teachers in local area are alerted to job opportunities. Manage applicants through ClassCover or send applicants to an external link 

Grow list through ‘Casual Call Outs’ with quick add to list functionality (ClassCover Jobs) 

Post on jobs board when you are looking for more teachers to join your list 

Payroll reports 

Booking insights reports 

Add additional team members and set permissions 

School profiles – Add announcements and onboarding info 


Coordinator functionality for TRT schemes

Classover has launched a powerful Coordinator dashboard and bulk teacher management features for TRT Schemes and multi-campus schools

Teacher functionality

Switch bookings On and OFF easily 

Teachers on contract or extended leave can hide themselves from school lists in the click of a button and switch back on when they return 

Month to view integrated booking and availability calendar 

Add external bookings if booked off platform

Get bookings by SMS and Push Notifications 

Teacher PD (100+ hours of online teacher PD) 

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