Everything you need to master relief teacher management in 3 sessions

Do you struggle to find available teachers on your ClassCover list? Are you experiencing a high rate of unsuccessful bookings or a high rate of unresponsive teachers or are you simply in need of more training since ClassCover rolled out the latest version?  

Welcome to the ClassCover Academy, where you can learn how to achieve a responsive relief teacher list and become the ultimate time saving ninja by attending our quick weekly sessions available to you and your colleagues.  

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 The Basics 

In this quick and simple webinar, we will run you through how to set up your school account and your bookings for success.  

90% of the time, schools with repeated unsuccessful bookings can significantly improve booking outcomes simply by following a few basic steps.

Join this webinar to be able to set up and complete a successful booking in under 5 minutes.

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The Masterclass 

Calling all school time saving ninja’s! This webinar is designed to take your skills to the next level so you can be the complete master of relief teacher management. 

We take you through the tools and features available to you that will make you an expert at efficiency and time management. 

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Ask us anything Fridays

Join us and your fellow school users for a live Q&A session with Ben and Aj from ClassCover where you can ask us any questions you want covered or clarified.


Bonus Help

7 quick tips for successful relief teacher bookings on ClassCover