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Changes to NESA and what that means for the PD available through the Relief Teacher Association

As of Monday the 30th of November, and without warning, all NESA endorsed PD providers had their endorsement cancelled as part of a NESA transition process.   

Despite this sudden change, please be assured that we are able to submit PD hours under the current courses available until the 5th of Feb 2021.  

We are resubmitting individual courses for interim accreditation.  

Unfortunately, there will be courses that won’t meet the new requirements for the interim accreditation. This unexpected change has had a detrimental impact to our NESA accredited course hours. 

What ClassCover / Relief Teacher Association is doing to minimise impact on members: 

This change has come as a surprise to us all. However, ClassCover is resolved to adapt quickly in order to continue delivering high quality, NESA accredited throughout this interim period and beyond.  

To ensure that we continue to deliver 85 hours of NESA accredited PD, we are working with NESA to rebuild our hours so that they fit within the new framework. We ask for your patience and understanding as we fast track a rebuild of accredited courses. 

These changes may take the form of courses that can be accredited being increased in size and / or new courses / events being added. Regardless of how the interim and future offering look, we are resolved to deliver the highest quality and best value professional learning and teacher support for relief teachers in the country. 

We will offer free access to the new NESA registered hours added to our platform if your subscription has lapsed. 

When will these changes come into effect? 

NESA has stated that until transition arrangements are available, you should continue to attend, complete, log and evaluate PD to ensure that it contributes towards your PD requirements until midnight the 5th of February 2021.  

Any PD already logged, including NESA Registered PD and Teacher Identified PD, will continue to contribute to your 100 hours of PD.   

Teachers whose maintenance is overdue or due by the start of Term 1, 2021 can continue to submit their maintenance under existing requirements until the transition arrangements are available.  

Our recommendation 

We recommend that you complete as much NESA accredited PD as possible between now and the 5th February. Following this cut off, we recommend that you focus on completing your Elective PD requirements (50 hours every 5 years) until greater clarity regarding the new framework is achieved. 

What does this mean for attendees at RTCON20?  

For NSW teachers, it is recommended to work to complete all of the hours available to you through RTCON20 (14 hours) before February 2021. 

It’s recommended that you complete the following courses first that we know won’t fit into the interim accreditation framework 

  • Future focused learning 
  • Behaviour Management Blueprint 
  • Teacher Wellbeing – 5 Ways to Recharge and Renew your Energy 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking 
  • Making Aboriginal perspectives more accessible 
  • Supporting Students with Diverse Learning Needs 
  • Build Resilience to Manage Stressful Situations 
  • Building Rapport Quickly 
  • Emerging Technologies in Education, what are they? How do they apply to teachers?

What courses should you prioritise in our Relief Teacher Association library?

We recommend completing all courses that are in the following categories in our course library as they will not make it into the interim accreditation framework for the time being:

  • Behaviour and classroom management strategies
  • Aboriginal Education
  • Disabilities
  • 21 Century thinking skills
  • Teacher wellbeing and stress / time management
  • Casual teacher tips and strategies

Need more information? 

Learn more about the changes to NESA and the planned transition in 2021 here 

If you have a question for us at ClassCover contact us via the live chat option when logged into your ClassCover account. 

We look forward to continue to deliver you quality professional development through the Relief Teacher Association and have it count towards your accreditation into the future.   

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