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What are our schools saying?

We have found ClassCover easy to use and it saves so much time when finding relief teachers. It usually means just one phone call rather than many. The booking system is very intuitive and the ClassCover support is fantastic. We are very happy to have found an option that is easy, cost-effective and reliable.
— Ange Mietzis, Principal, Moonah Primary School - Tasmania
ClassCover has made booking my relief teachers simple, saving me time. From the app I can just prioritise my chosen queue of teachers to cover a class and then I receive an SMS once they have been booked. It so easy and means everything is automatically recorded for my payroll person as well.” So far the longest it has taken to book a reliever is 3 minutes, it has taken the stress out of the process, and the relievers who we use have found it easy to switch over to this system.
— Scott Wilson, Principal, Puahue School- New Zealand