Teachers can now choose both Push and SMS notifications on ClassCover

After listening to user feedback, we have implemented a new feature that will help improve bookings for teachers. We also have a ton of new features for teachers in the works which we will provide more detail on soon. Watch this space… 

Always get notified for job requests with the option to choose SMS and Push together 

You now have the option to be notified for jobs by both SMS and Push Notifications, giving 100% assurance that you will be alerted to opportunities as soon as they come through.  

Previously you could only choose to accept or decline a job by either SMS or Push Notifications and not by both simultaneously. While the majority of teachers experience no issues with their chosen means of notifications, there is a large enough group of teachers who do have issues which can be experienced for a variety of reasons (not set up properly, low internet or data coverage, low battery or multiple devices with ClassCover installed). 

We have more in the works to help improve our notifications. Stay tuned for more info this term.  

How to access these settings in your app

Go to ‘Account’ > ‘Settings’ and then toggle on both SMS and Push Notifications so they both appear green.

What’s new and coming up for teachers? 

  • More detail on booking request for type of booking a school has sent out 
  • Cleaner profile design that will make it easier to update and see what the school sees 
  • More improvements to the booking request screen on mobile 
  • ClassCover Jobs. Learn more 

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