Job alert: Goalhub are looking for a Teacher Engagement Advocate

Role Details

  • Flexible part-time
  • 2-4 days a week
  • Location: Surry Hills, Sydney NSW

The Customer Experience Advocate is a key part of the Goalhub team.

The purpose of the Advocate is to engage with teachers using Goalhub to offer support, drive engagement and promote the use of Goalhub in schools.

Goalhub is a Learning Relationship Management Platform that empowers individuals to determine their education, training and employment pathways through goal setting, personalised learning, planning, coaching and mentoring.

The Advocate will focus on three key areas of the teacher’s experience with Goalhub:

  1. Engagement
  2. Adoption
  3. Renewal

Key Responsibilities


Develop an excellent understanding of Goalhub and understand its application in schools.

  1. Develop and maintain positive relationships with teachers to increase participation in Goalhub
  2. Meet teachers’ needs by acting professionally and applying a good working knowledge of the software
  3. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and with sensitivity and respect for others


Maintain ongoing communication to ensure teachers and the Goalhub community feels valued

  1. Liaise and collaborate with key teachers so their Goalhub experience can be highlighted and used as examples for teachers and schools that are new to Goalhub
  2. Create goal banks for use by teachers
  3. Celebrate and promote key teachers and schools in the Goalhub community through social media
  4. Offer general support and advice to teachers, by way of support, tips and resources.


Monitor usage and identify issues so teachers have confidence and see value in Goalhub

  1. Monitor usage of Goalhub and produce accurate activity reports by school each month
  2. Listen to and respond to teacher requests or problems in a timely manner
  3. Provide feedback internally to Management on a weekly basis so issues can be monitored and resolved in a timely manner

Skills and Attributes

The ideal Advocate would be a person who has worked as a teacher, and who has an affinity for use of technology in classrooms. 

  1. Good communication skills both oral and written
  2. Ability to use social media or be willing to learn
  3. Positive and enthusiastic about the importance of teacher involvement in Goalhub

How to apply

Send your resume and cover letter to

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