The tick system integration for NSW Public Schools now includes vaccination compliance

ClassCover’s Green and Orange Tick, showing NSW Public Schools at a glance whether a teacher is approved to teach and has done all of their mandatory training, now includes vaccination status as per the NSW Department of Education’s VACS Attest system.

Teachers who haven’t confirmed their vaccination status on VACS Attest have had their Green or Orange Tick removed until they comply. They have been notified of this change.

The tick system is a direct integration with the NSW Department of Education

When viewing a teacher’s profile, you will see Green and Orange Tick’s.

  • Green Tick = Approved to teach, has completed all mandatory training and has had vaccination confirmed via VACS Attest.
  • Orange Tick = Approved to teach but mandatory training isn’t up to date, however, has had vaccination confirmed via VACS Attest.
  • No Tick = They aren’t approved to teach, or their details haven’t matched with the NSW Department of Education. They are then prompted to try again. 

This feature has been designed to speed up the process for you and means that you can check a teacher’s approval to teach and training status at a glance.

Read here for more information on how the tick system works for NSW Public Schools.

Need to communicate with your teachers about their tick status?

You can send out a message on ClassCover to teachers who haven’t got their green tick in a few clicks via your My Teachers page.

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