Spotlight | Meet Andy Knight, ClassCover’s Growth Product Manager

2020 has seen the ClassCover product and universe grow and evolve, with new features and enhancements being delivered on a regular basis. We have a jam-packed roadmap of planned releases that has your feedback at the core of everything we do.

We’re excited to introduce the who’s who behind the super-charged and inspired ClassCover product team which is headed up by Andy Knight, ClassCover’s new Growth Product Manager.

Andy comes to ClassCover as a talented, data and feedback driven product lead. He has years of experience in founding and building products from the ground up and has worked in various roles in which diving into user behaviour through data and optimising experiences has been at the forefront.

The ClassCover product team in 2020 is a collection of talented developers with resumes featuring experience from the likes of Amazon, Groupon, Huffington Post and Samsung.

We took 10 minutes out of Andy’s busy schedule to ask him a few questions about his role and vision for ClassCover and how your experience with ClassCover and your day to day role is at the forefront of his mind.

Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time to chat. Tell us a fun fact about you.  

Both my parents were teachers with my mum working as a relief teacher in Victoria for several years.  

You’ve been behind the scenes for a little while now learning and gathering feedback about everything to do with the ClassCover universe. What are the biggest learnings and insights you have taken in? 

I find it really interesting in the way schools and teachers approach their work. There are differences in the way that schools can manage bookings and their teacher list. Also, there are differences in how teachers will work with schools and trying to make sure both parties are getting better outcomes is what we’re trying to work towards for the product. 

It’s been really encouraging to see how many different schools rely on ClassCover and how it fits into their daily routine. A lot of the feedback we’ve been seeking recently has been how can we make bookings and managing teacher lists better on the school side. On the other side with teachers, we’re looking at ways we can help them display their options better and let them know about opportunities to get work with new schools. 

I constantly hear praise for our support team. They’re very knowledgeable about the users and the product so they are a great help when it comes to giving additional feedback to our product discussions. 

What’s your vision for a future ClassCover 

We’re all about instantly connecting schools and relief teachers for daily work placements while providing a way to simplify casual employment.  

On the product side, we’re looking to introduce a schedule feature for booking requests from schools so that they can send it at a time of day that better suits Relief Teachers (eg late afternoon when school is over).  

We’re also looking to try and match teachers with schools better. We’re going to allow Schools to send out a job posting to teachers and allow teachers to apply to work at the school or get added to their regular casual list. This will be for both permanent and casual relief work. 

And finally –  how much feedback is enough? As we are growing to be a more user centric product, do you think there’s ever an end to gathering thoughts from our users? 

Never enough. 

We’re getting feedback in a variety of ways with both schools & teachers. We are sending quick surveys to users while they are logged into ClassCover, drafting up designs for ratings, running feedback sessions and user testing sessions.  

We’re trying to have discussions with as many users on both the teacher and school side as possible.  

If you want to provide feedback and have a chat to me, please leave it here along with your details by following this link

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