NSW casual teachers will soon be able to have accreditation verified in ClassCover

NSW Department of Education casual teachers will soon be able to have their accreditation verified within the ClassCover app. 

This has major benefits for schools and casual teachers in NSW and will add an extra layer of quality assurance that casual teachers are validated and ready to teach in schools.  

It’s not only important for schools who are looking to add new teachers, but also for their current casual teacher list as validation can expire and it can be a challenge to keep on top of it.  

At present, schools are having to check several outside sources to ensure a teacher has all relevant accreditation and that it is up to date – and that is if the teacher has provided the correct information on their ClassCover profile in the first place. This can be time consuming and can also have a negative impact on teachers who haven’t uploaded enough information in their ClassCover profile.  

Having a validated profile for NSW public schools will increase casual teachers’ work prospects and improve efficiency for thousands of schools and casual teachers.

What will casual teachers need to do to get verified? 

From the 10th of July, all NSW casual teachers logging into ClassCover will notice a pop up in the web app and mobile apps asking for your NESA ID number. If you are a non-teaching staff member, but you work in schools, we will need your WWCC number (working with children check). 

Your NESA ID number is 6 digits and different to your DET number. 

It is important to have this filled out to ensure you obtain verification within the ClassCover app. 

What about other states in Australia and New Zealand? 

At this time, it is for NSW Department of Education schools and casual teachers.