HomeTeacher announces partnership with The Smith Family, delivering supplementary education to children in need

HomeTeacher, by ClassCover is proud to announce a partnership with The Smith Family, delivering supplementary education to children from their Learning for Life program to improve basic literacy and numeracy skills. 

Spanning a 20 week period, our team of HomeTeacher tutors will be providing over 6000 hours of outcomes focused online tutoring to children in need. 

The Smith Family is Australia’s largest charity, who use education to lift children out of poverty. Their Learning for Life program recognises that disadvantaged children need extra support to stay at school and go on to further studies or a job.  

Today in Australia too many disadvantaged young people are struggling to meet minimum standards at school. Large gaps in educational achievement, based on students’ backgrounds, are apparent in the first year of school. These gaps grow as young people move through school, resulting in large proportions of young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds not positively moving onto employment or further study. 

HomeTeacher will be providing 60 hours of tutoring to each student via one on one sessions with a dedicated tutor for the entire length of the program. Each student will be provided with an individualised learning program based on their areas of need and supported by their tutor with the aim to demonstrate a clear improvement in each students’ outcomes.  

The research is clear in term of demonstrating that education is a fundamental pillar in creating a more just and equitable society. Through partnering with The Smith Family, HomeTeacher is aiming to ensure that these Australian children are provided with every opportunity to excel at school in order to give them the best possible chance in life. 

The HomeTeacher and Smith Family collaboration will be headed up and overseen by Brett Foster, HomeTeacher’s Education Director. Brett is a senior educator in a leading NSW school, bringing years of experience in improving student outcomes.  

HomeTeacher was created by ClassCover, Australia’s leading relief teacher booking app, to connect our large base of relief teachers to children in need of extra learning support in the form of online tutoring.  

Get involved and join the HomeTeacher tutor team

Are you an experienced tutor and want to take part in this important and rewarding opportunity? You can learn more and how to apply here.  

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