We hope you enjoyed a well deserved break. We are looking forward to a fantastic year as we move fresh and bright eyed into Term 1.  

To ensure that you are ready for an efficient 2019, we’ve put together a quick refresher guide packed with tips for using ClassCover. In addition it includes refresher content to share with your relief teachers to ensure they are starting the year off on the right foot.  


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Check to see if teachers on your list are still relief teaching in 2019 

Now is the best time to clean your list for the year and make sure that all teachers you are contacting are in fact available. You can simply download your teacher details in a bulk export from your school dashboard so you can send out a mass email (see a template to use in tip 2). You can find out how to do this here.

You can then remove teachers from your list in seconds and voila - your list is looking healthier already! 


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Back to school letter to your relief teachers – Starting the year off right 

Now is also a good time to let your relief teachers  know how you want them to interact with ClassCover to ensure efficiency and correct etiquette when using the app.   

We have made it easy for you to communicate the most important points by creating a customisable letter with everything you need.  

Download the letter and email it as an attachment to your relief teachers as early as possible. 

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Update your list by adding new teachers 

New year, fresh list! It’s a good idea to replenish and grow your regular list for 2019. There are two ways you can do this:  

1. Using Find New Teachers 

ClassCover has thousands of teachers with active profiles who can be found via our Find New Teacher search. Simply enter your search criteria and start inviting casuals. 

Remember to do your due diligence by following the existing requirement of checking with the relevant teacher registration body to ensure they are appropriately qualified and approved to work.  

Learn more about how to use the Find New Teacher Search.


2. Using our jobs board 

Have teachers apply directly to be on your ClassCover list. You can post on our jobs board and we will get the word out to teachers in your local area. Teachers will then email your school with their CV and you can review and add approved teachers to your list.  

Top tip: Did you know you can also use this service to hire full time teachers from our existing pool of relief teachers in your area? It’s 100% free to use.  

Post a request for applications now.


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Take a look at our 5 quick tips guide for better booking outcomes for 2019 

Booking faster and smarter to maximise results – Take a look at our quick tip guide. 

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Attend a 30 minute refresher training webinar with a live Q&A 

We are holding a series of refresher training webinars at the start of Term 1. It’s a good idea to join in if you fit one of the below categories:  

  1. You’ve had a lovely 6 week break, but over the course of your time off you have relaxed so much that you have completely forgotten how ClassCover works!  

  2. There has been a recent change-over of staff but no hand-over on how to utilise ClassCover to get the most out of it.   

  3. There may only be one person at your school who uses ClassCover regularly, but what if they are sick? Cover your bases and get more staff trained up.   

  4. You use ClassCover regularly but would like to take some refresher training to make sure you are utilising all the features.  

Choose a session below