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Ask ClassCover Anything | RTCON20 Panel Discussion with Ben, CEO

Join Ben Grozier, CEO of ClassCover at the RTCON20 live discussion on ‘Ask ClassCover’. This is the place where you can throw us any and all questions you have about ClassCover and get tips and tricks on making it work for you.

Find out what makes profiles stand out and the best way to approach schools based off our insights. You will also hear information that will help demystify the ClassCover platform and be provided with handy hacks to achieve success with bookings.

The Ask ClassCover (literally anything) discussion will be hosted during the live conference dates which is between the 23rd of November until the 7th of December with the official schedule to be released soon.

Do you have a couple of questions you want to throw at Ben? Or do you want to simply listen in and get excellent advice? Save your spot at RTCON20 and join the discussion.

What else is on at RTCON20?

Career Forum  – Live panel discussion

Join school leaders, Bec West, Aaron Johnston and Alice Vigors as they answer your burning questions on how to scale up your teacher career, learn practical tips for relief teachers and how to stand out from the crowd as well as offer valuable advice to teachers at all levels of their teaching journey Learn more


  • 14 hours of accredited teacher PD
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • 6 months of access so you can watch and learn at your own pace
  • For NSW teachers, we log the hours for you 😉

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