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A Day in the Life of ClassCover’s Product Manager

As part of our 10th birthday celebration, we’re shining a light on some of the people that help make ClassCover what it is. First up meet Prashant, ClassCover’s Product Manager. We tag along with Prashant for a day to find out exactly what a Product Manager does.

7:30 am – But first, coffee 

Most mornings I get up at around 7:30, check to see the emails that have come through overnight from our teams around the world and stare out at the city around me while I make coffee.  

I’m based in Bangalore, in southern India. Over the years Bangalore has gained a reputation as the startup capital of the country, home to local branches of international giants like Amazon as well as lots of local startups. I was lucky to be born and raised here (aside from a few stints living in the USA) but people from across India move here to be a part of the tech industry.  

8:00 am – Check in with Australia  

A lot of my job involves working with our sales and marketing teams in Australia. By now it’s already 2:00pm on the east coast, so I jump on a call with our Head of Marketing, Billie, and our Product Designer, Yesha. (Yesha is the one responsible for the look and feel of our app — stay tuned for some exciting changes happening there!) We talk through any pressing issues and plan our tasks for the day.  

9:30am – On your marks, get set, go! 

The role of Product Manager is to act as a link between our developers — the team that build our software — and the rest of the business. Every morning I catch up with our developers and work through the list of priorities for that day. In the tech world, we’re all about actionable goals and we work in something called “sprints”. These are short bursts of work where we aim to achieve a certain goal, like finish a new feature.  

10:00 am – New feature update  

2021 has been a big year for ClassCover and we are in the process of rolling out some great new features — a lot of which have been requested by our users. Because of this, we’ve set up a call with the development team here in India and so they can fill in everyone else on what’s coming next. This is a great opportunity for everyone to have their questions answered by the people who are actually building the software. Being a remote team with staff scattered across different countries, it’s always fun getting everyone on the same call… it’s as close as we get to being in the same place at once! 

12:30 pm – Break for lunch 

I’ve been working from home since around March 2020 so I’ve well and truly settled into the routine of it. Most days I have lunch at home with my wife and our German Shepherd, Luna. One of the best parts about living in Bangalore is the huge variety of food on offer. Being one big melting pot of cultures, there’s always something new and interesting to try. Today we head to one of my favourite sandwich spots, Paris Panini. (It was originally started as food truck by a couple of guys from France. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in Bangalore). 

1:00 pm – Back to it  

After lunch I usually block out some time in my schedule to get some work done. Often this involves creating product documents to communicate upcoming features to the wider team.  

2:00 pm – Feedback 

Around this time I like to check in with our designer, Yesha to see how she’s tracking. With all the new features we are rolling out over the next couple of months, a lot of work is needed to plan how they will impact the look and feel of the software to make sure it functions in the way our users expect. We go through new designs as well as feedback from users to see what we can incorporate into the software. Constant improvement is the name of the game!  

4:00 pm – Off to the gym  

One of the things I like most about working for ClassCover is the flexibility extended to the team. By now, everyone in Australia has logged off for the day so I usually head out for a run or to do some calisthenics. Bangalore is known for its great weather so I use the workout equipment in the park to take full advantage.  

5:00 pm – Final check in  

After the gym I make time to touch base with the developers to see how they are tracking. Before logging off I pass on any action items to the team in Australia to get their feedback overnight so we can hit the ground running in the morning. 

 6:00 pm – Over and out 

Done for the day! In the evenings you can usually find me watching Netflix (right now we’re watching Superstore) or the NBA (I’m a diehard Lakers fan). Thanks for coming along to see what I get up to all day. Keep an eye out for an email or two from me in your inbox soon announcing our new features 🙂 

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