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6 ways ClassCover is remarkably useful for smaller schools

Small schools can experience challenges when it comes to finding and booking casual relief teachers, regardless of whether they are in metro, regional or outback rural areas. While small schools face different challenges to a larger metro school, relief teacher stresses still exist.

The demand for casual teachers is no where near what it is for larger schools, however when the need does arise, not having enough engaged casual teachers is a headache for the person charged with finding cover for a day or for temp block work.   

It’s well known that rural and regional schools have the additional stress of locating new staff. With low populations come low teacher numbers. There are some fantastic incentives out there that do encourage teachers to move rural to assist in filling the gaps, but these are not one size fits all solutions.  

So how can a booking app widely used in mid to large schools help a smaller school without the same demand for casual teachers? 

Access to a large and comprehensive network of casual teachers 

Our Find New Teachers feature gives all schools the ability to search for teachers in the local area who are looking for work. You can view detailed profile and contact information and invite them to be added to your schools list.  

For our regional and remote schools, ClassCover has been an extremely successful tool for schools that sit 10-50kms away from regional centres. Teachers who weren’t typically driving their CV out to the school are now connected with schools looking for teachers. 

Schools are also able to connect to teachers who are looking for permanent work through these means, which allows for better networking opportunities for both teacher and school. ClassCover is not an agency, so there’s no cost or fees involved to transition a teacher to full time.  

Storage of Teacher Profile Information 

Teachers create, store documents and make changes to their teacher profile information meaning that you can go paperless and simply remind teachers that aspects of their profile need to be updated. 

Emergency Bookings 

Even smaller schools get in a pinch when it comes to finding casual teachers. ClassCover can be used occasionally in those more desperate times when you need a teacher right now! 

Effortless Record Keeping 

Recording a casual teacher booking on ClassCover takes just two clicks. This logs every booking, giving visibility to all staff regarding who is coming into school and who is absent in addition to creating insights into your use of casual staff and simplifying the payroll process greatly. 

🚀 Coming soon to ClassCover: Small schools will also benefit from these soon to be released features 

Teacher verification in one glance (coming soon to NSW public schools) 

In Term 4, all NSW Department of Education schools will have a new ClassCover feature turned on that will show accreditation status of all teachers. This saves schools both the headache of checking documentation in addition to the peace of mind that all teachers that are appearing on their ClassCover list are approved to teach. 

Jobs board (coming soon) 

ClassCover’s soon to be released Jobs Board feature will give schools the opportunity to broadcast new opportunities to thousands of teachers who use ClassCover and are local to their school. Schools will have the ability to post for full time and temporary block work and are able to select the distance for the teacher location (which is helpful for rural schools). 

There’s also the option for schools to broadcast when they need more casual relief teachers to add to their schools list.  

The jobs board adds another layer of convenience for schools. Teachers interested in the positions can apply to be a part of the school community, giving admin another tool to connect to the right talent for their school. Learn more about ClassCover Jobs Board

Try ClassCover at your school for free for 30 days

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ClassCover has a partnership with the NSW Department of Education which gives your school subsidised access. 
It’s quick and easy to sign up and is free for all NSW public schools.  Learn more


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