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This year so far, schools on ClassCover have made 466,400 successful bookings on our app!


What are schools saying?

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The ClassCover App has saved so much time and money when booking relief staff. It saves me the time of making many phone calls or text messages just to secure one booking. By using the app and I can contact as many teachers as I choose and I get replies to bookings almost instantly. Thank you ClassCover.
— Jenny Hill - Deputy Principal East Waikiki Primary School

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Classcover is an easy solution to a difficult problem. I no longer spend a long time ringing or trying to ring relief staff early in the morning. Classcover allows me to see who is available - book - ask for confirmation - receive confirmation and then continue on my daily routine. I don’t have to send impersonal emails or texts to a number of teachers indicating that “...the first to reply will be accepted.” Classcover is personal, efficient and easy to navigate and manage. I love being able to book relief teachers weeks in advance. Thanks Classcover.
— Greg Dwyer, St Therese's Catholic School - Tasmania

Burnside primary.png
Burnside Primary School has been utilising ClassCover for over two years.  Prior to ClassCover, managing TRTs was an intensive process but soon became a streamlined ‘application’ role, with only one administrative staff member to oversee. 

ClassCover has enabled staff to book TRTs at the press of a button 24/7. It seamlessly supports the Leadership team, who receive booking notifications, calendar access and an extensive database of Temporary Relief Teachers. We particularly value the ability to see which TRTs are available at a glance in the Manual Booking tab. Class Cover has a strong customer service facility which is important with any application.
—  Alison Bibby – Administration Manager, Burnside Primary School SA

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ClassCover has revolutionised the recruitment of relief teachers for the principals and schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane. It is easy to use and integrates with payroll processes. Schools can alert relief teachers of work through an intuitive online environment and all a relief teacher needs to do to accept work is have a ClassCover profile and a mobile phone.

ClassCover reduces the administrative burden for schools. It provides better access to relief work for relief teachers and allows more control over when they work.
— Peter Hill, Brisbane Catholic Education - QLD

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We find Classcover easy to use and efficient in its response. It is a great way to easily employ relief teachers, manage who is in the school and track for the week. It is also easy to see who is available and when, so that teachers can employ their favourites. We find both the screen version and the phone app to work very well for us.
— Judy Anderson - Principal, Flinders Park Primary School SA

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ClassCover has partnered with the NSW Department of Education and is the chosen solution for all NSW public schools.



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