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🚀 NEW: Post job ads to thousands of educators through ClassCover Jobs

ClassCover Jobs has just been released, giving schools and organisations who hire teachers, the ability to post out job opportunities to thousands of educators on the ClassCover platform looking for work. 

ClassCover Jobs gives the option to post for full time, part time, contract and tutor work in their school or organisation. Schools on the ClassCover Bookings platform also have the ability to post a call out for more casual teachers to apply to be on their list with the ability to ‘auto add’ applied teachers in the click of a button.  

Teachers on ClassCover have rich profile information with CV’s, certificates, references and more with all of this is viewable to schools looking to vet teachers who have applied for roles.  

For more involved applications, schools are able to link job ads to an external application site. 

ClassCover Jobs is currently available on the web version for schools and teachers with access via the ClassCover app to be released soon. 

Are you a teacher looking for more work opportunities?  

Create a profile or login to your account and turn on job alerts in your settings so you’re always in the know. How to turn on job alert emails 

Are you a ClassCover school looking to hire or build your casual list? 

This feature is available to all ClassCover schools.

Not on ClassCover yet?
Sign up for a free 30 day trial to access this feature.

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