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🚀 New for teachers | You can now do a whole lot more on ClassCover

We’ve just released a major update for teachers, adding new features and enhancements that will allow you to do a whole lot more on ClassCover – and we’re excited to tell you about them. 

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new for teachers: 

  • You can now request to be added to a schools list on ClassCover – Find New Schools
  • You have an improved calendar design with a recurring availability updater – Go to your calendar
  • You can now accept and decline invites from schools in-app instead of relying on email – School Invites
  • Your mobile app now has a fancy new dashboard tailored to you – Update your app
  • NSW teachers will now get accreditation reminders via email and in your app 

Request to be added to school lists in-app 

Are you looking to be added to more school lists but want to be able to do that on ClassCover? Now you can and we’re really excited to open up more opportunities for teachers to connect with schools in-app without having to leave ClassCover.  

Available on the mobile and web, you can filter schools near you by the distance you’re willing to travel and send requests at the click of a button. You can also click on each school and navigate to their new school profile which has high-level info, recent jobs posted, and more. 

You have 10 requests you can send each week so spend them wisely. Each Monday your school request limit is reset back to 10. 

This feature is called Find New Schools and is waiting for you to give it a whirl! 

Go to Find New Schools now

? Heads up: schools have only received access to their new School Profiles just now, so give them a minute to fill them out.

New and improved teacher calendar with recurring availability updater 

Your teacher calendar has just had a massive make-over, making it easier to update your availability in bulk, quick view your next booking and see high-level stats on how your month is tracking.  

What’s new? 

Recurring availability updater (web and mobile)  

Need to update in bulk and in advance but don’t want to click on each day individually? We hear you! That’s why we’ve added in the recurring availability updater so you can update in advance. You can choose to update weekly, fortnightly have it repeat on certain days of the week, choose an end date or choose the number of occurrences.  

The flexibility is what makes this tool so handy and easy to use. 

This feature is now available on both web and mobile versions of ClassCover. 

Availability Health Checker 

This new handy tool will show you how many days you have left to set your availability on, whether that be available or unavailable. This tool is designed to make it easier for you to replace any pesky ‘hasn’t indicated’ days to an actual record of your availability on each day.  

Quick view next booking and see high-level stats 

Stay organised by seeing your next booking at a glance. You can also see high-level stats such as total days you are available and unavailable to work, total bookings each month, and hours booked.  

? Coming soon to your calendar… 

You will soon be able to add external bookings to your calendar if you are booked by a school outside of ClassCover. This gives you the ability to use your ClassCover booking calendar as the one source of truth to keep you organised. This will save you from managing several calendars so you can be across what your month looks like. Stay tuned for this…

Accept and decline invites from schools in-app 

When a school invites you to join their list when finding you through the Find New Teachers directory, you need to accept the invite in order to confirm you would like to join their list.  

Previously, the option to accept or decline the invite was available only through email. Now you can accept or decline invites in-app and view a list of pending invitations. You can also add in a reason for declining a school to maintain relationships.  

This is now available via the web and mobile version of ClassCover and can be found via ‘School invites’. 

Check out your pending school invites

Teacher dashboard on the mobile app 

We’ve launched your teacher dashboard on the mobile app and is now your new app home screen. Your dashboard on the mobile app also offers more high-level information to keep you updated such as: 

  • Your next booking 
  • Total bookings for the month 
  • Total hours booked for the month 
  • Recent jobs posted near you 

For NSW teachers who are validated through the NSW Department of Education integration will see a handy reminder letting you know when your NSW accreditation is due for both Maintaining Accreditation and Proficient Teacher Accreditation. 

Update your app to see this feature 

NESA accreditation reminders (NSW teachers) 

NSW casual teachers who are validated through the NSW Department of Education integration (has a green or orange tick) will now get NESA accreditation reminders for both Maintaining Accreditation and Proficient Teacher Accreditation.  

This feature is a direct integration with the NSW Department of Education, providing accurate data on when your accreditation is due. 

Reminders will be sent out via email in the following intervals:  

  • Statement due in 6 months 
  • Statement due in 3 months 
  • Statement due in 1 month 

You can also see when your accreditation deadline is due on both the mobile and web versions of ClassCover via your teacher dashboard. 

We look forward to being able to assist NSW casual teachers with timely reminders and the next steps to assist with staying on top of accreditation.


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