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🚀 New for schools | Get teacher requests, showcase your school plus more

We have been tinkering away in the background on some major features and enhancements for schools and teachers and are now excited to announce their release. In this feature release run down, we’ll take you through what’s new and what’s improved on ClassCover for schools.  

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new: 

Receive teacher requests to join your list in-app 

Are you in need of more casual relief teachers to join your list? We have just released a major new feature on ClassCover that now allows teachers to request to join your list in-app. You can then review a list of pending teacher requests and choose to accept, decline, and even block.  

You are able to view rich teacher profile information, as you would in Find New Teachers, and add them to your list in a click if they are suitable for your school. 

Teachers are able to send out 10 requests a week and are only able to start sending requests once they’ve completed the majority of their profile which means mandatory information.  

Teachers will be reviewing your new School Profile (more on that next) so make sure you have this filled out. Complete your School Profile 

You can find this new feature on both the web and mobile version of ClassCover under ‘Teacher requests’ 

Go to Teacher Requests

? Good to know: Don’t want to receive Teacher Requests? You can hide your school from the list via your new School Profile. Simply toggle it off.

? Good to know: Teachers only have 10 requests they can send to school each week. Their requests refresh back to 10 each Monday.

School profiles to onboard and attract new teachers 

Introducing new School Profiles – a place where you can showcase your school to teachers looking to request to join your list (new feature) or apply for a job. It’s also a place where teachers on your list can see school announcements and onboarding documentation all in the one handy place. 

Teachers not on your list will see: 

  • School logo / crest 
  • Link to your website 
  • School overview 
  • School size, type, gender, Principal, and best contacts 
  • A map with the location of your school 

Teachers who are on your school’s list will see all of the above plus: 

  • Announcements  
  • Onboarding documentation (link – for example a Google Drive folder) 
  • Any additional information you would like to add 

Your School Profile is ready for you to fill out and is easy to complete. 

Head over to your new School Profile and set it up 

See your pending invited teachers from Find Teachers in-app 

You can now see a list of pending invites of teachers you have requested to join your list from the Find Teachers directory via a new page called ‘Teacher invites’ 

Teachers also have a place on ClassCover to review and accept or decline your invites. Previously they were only able to get notified and accept your invitation via email.  

Teachers can now also send a reason for declining your school invite which you can find in the new Teacher invites screen. 

Check out your pending teacher invites

New upgraded school calendar with list view 

Your school calendar has just had a make-over. Not only have we improved the design, we’ve added in a list view on the side so you can see teacher bookings for each day selected at a glance. 

You can also see high-level stats on the amount of bookings you’ve logged and how many casual hours you’ve booked for the month. 

Check it out 

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